Lets start off by saying this unique idea looks as if it has already gone into production. The concept completely rebuilds the way a manufacturer would design their product, and even looks like an improvement. Many of us struggle with making sure our smartphones can last throughout our busy day until we can finally plug them back into the charger. And with new 4G LTE smartphones, battery drain is probably your worst enemy.

What Francois Rybarczyk did was re-evaluate how smartphones should be tailored to our lives, rather than conform to their limited battery life. As you can see, his concept implements an easily removable external battery that can be removed and attached directly to an outlet – without affecting your smartphone at all. After it’s done charging, just slip it right back into the phone for extended battery life.

It seems simple enough, but would a manufacturer actually implement this into an initial design? I actually prefer using a USB cable to charge my device; it’s easy to find a power source, and still operational while charging. This concept would require one to plug the entire phone into an outlet for a complete charge. What do you think? Would you prefer a device with features such as these, or would that extra empty space bother you while the external battery is charging?

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