An adapter that plugs to just about any modern car and then streams all kinds of data to the driver’s smartphone sounds like a good idea – in fact, it already exists and is called “Automatic”. The vision of the developer was to simplify and connect all the routine tasks a driver does and involve smartphone technology into it. This includes engine problem notifications, remembering where you parked and all those kinds of stuff. Now it gets better.

The makers of Automatic were overwhelmed with the response they received when they asked what kinds of data drivers would want available via the Automatic car adapter. There were lots of requests from the users for tasks of distance logging and car enthusiasts who wanted real-time data on their car’s performance, even parents who want to get their teens started on driving. Automatic has now found a way to deliver on this, by asking third party developers to connect their specialized apps with Automatic.


That’s right, Automatic is now an app store – well, sort of. The Automatic App Gallery now houses around 20 apps that deliver specialized data to drivers using the Automatic interface. The apps will still need to be installed into your smartphone and would need verification by the driver inputting his or her Automatic login credentials – but after that, the apps can now utilize the existing interface.


This is pretty cool and innovative, don’t you think? Now gearheads can have apps like “DashCommand” and “OBD Fusion” to give them real-time stats of their car’s elements. The new Automatic adapter utilizes dual Bluetooth data streams for seamless interface with both Automatic and the third party app. For more information on this cool contraption, check out the source link below.

SOURCE: Automatic