Android power users will probably be familiar with a couple of automation apps that lets your smarpthone or tablet automatically change some settings whenever certain conditions are met. Automated Device is yet another one of those utilities with the advantage of offering a ton of features without having to require root access.

Granted, there will always be actions that might require super user privileges, but for the most part, the basic access level will be enough. Automated Device pretty much works the same way as any other solution out there. It listens for conditions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, messages, and more and performs certain actions both when the conditions are met and when the conditions become false, like when going out of a certain zone or lose WiFi connection.

When we said that Automated Device offers a ton of features, we weren’t kidding. For conditions, you have a choice of day and time, WiFi state, battery state, location defined by point and radius, screen state, an SMS from a specific number, and even pressure and temperature. Likewise you have a load of resulting actions to choose from, including launching or killing a program, sending an E-mail containing, for example, free memory and disk space, and even enable or disable other rules as well.

Automated Device won’t probably win any beauty contest but it does boast of a few niceties. For one, it lets users create profiles, which are basically a bunch of actions that can be quickly set from the app’s main page. There are also quick timed switchers, which can, for example, toggle a feature on but then turn it off again after a set period of time. Probably best of all, Automated Device is free so it won’t cost you a dime to test if this app works better for you.

Download: Automated Device on Google Play Store