Android users looking to wear a camera and further document their lives now have another option to consider. This latest is the Autographer camera, which up until now has been available only for iOS users. The necessary Android app has been released in the Play Store, and will allow manage the images on the camera while out and about.

Specifically, the app will allow users to review, tag, share and delete images. Users will also be able to save images to the gallery on their phone. Along with the sharing of individual images, there is also the ability to create (and share) GIFs. The app is already sitting in the Play Store, and ultimately will only act as a companion to the camera.


The app does require Android 4.1 or later for use, and users will need to update the software on the camera before they will be fully up and running. That all having been said, the Autographer camera is priced at $399 and currently shipping. This one can be worn on a clip or lanyard and measures in at 37.4 (W) x 90 (L) x 22.93 (T). There is 8GB of internal storage as well as Bluetooth and USB for connecting to smartphones and/or regular computers.

Other highlights of the camera include a 5MP low light image sensor with a 136 degree field of view (with fixed focus). The camera also has GPS and a full range of sensors including an accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature and color. Lastly, those considering a purchase will find the camera as well as a fabric lanyard, carrying pouch and USB cable included in the box.

SOURCE: Autographer