The messaging service world is already crowded, but here’s yet one more trying to squeeze its way in. But Autodesk Instant aims to be less of a personal or social networking service and instead tries to target the more tedious job of corralling everyone at work.

It might be strange that a company such as Autodesk, more popular for software like AutoCAD, Sketchbook, 3D Studio Max, and Maya among others, would be venturing into the realm of real-time messaging. But as anyone in the creative industry will tell you, communication and collaboration is key, and that is exactly what Autodesk Instant is trying to bring to the table.

The app is more of a collaborative group messaging app than a personal instant messaging service, though you can most likely use it that way as well. Basically you are able to create ad hoc groups for projects, teams, or, yes, even the occasional social event. Any message, video, image, or even location you send to the group will be received and seen by all members of that group. The workplace-oriented nature of the service shines through the way it integrates with an organization. Users who sign up using their email address from that organization or company will automatically be added to that group. Beyond messaging via text, Autodesk Instant allows users to call members directly from within the app. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this app is that it has a messaging fallback. Contacts who are part of the group but don’t have the app installed can still receive messages via SMS instead.

The problem with Autodesk Instant isn’t the app or service itself but the market, which is filled to the brim with instant messaging services. Companies most likely already have their own system up in place, which will make migrating a tad tedious. Those who do start using it might find themselves searching for an alternative if and when the service shuts down because of poor of adoption.

Download: Autodesk Instant on Google Play Store
VIA: The Droid Guy