Sometimes it is the simpler apps, or in this case, the app you almost don’t even have to touch in order to benefit. This particular app is called Auto Finder, and it has arrived in the Play Store with promise of helping you “never forget where you parked again.” The key here, Auto Finder does this automatically.

The developer of the app, keyboardr, mentions how they have things setup using the built-in sensors in your device. Basically, drive to where you need to be, get out of your car and do what you need to do. The Auto Finder app does the marking for you. You don’t even have to take the phone out of your pocket or bag.

Other details here include the ability to operate with satellite, or regular maps. You can also mark a location manually, as well, use the app to get directions — just in case you forget which side street, or which level of the jumbo mall parking lot you left your car. The developer also did some teasing about how the app requires zero setup and gets smarter the longer you use it.

Anyway, Auto Finder is available for free, but there is an in-app payment option for those who are feeling generous. And just in case it is not generosity you are after, there was mention of how “any future premium features will be free to those who have donated. The Auto Finder app can be found using this Google Play Store link.