If you’re still on the fence about getting a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and your favorite color is blue (not the light one), this latest news might finally push you to get it. The truly wireless earbuds from the Korean OEM has released a new color variant called Aura Blue. To be fair, the Buds+ are already good on their own specs-wise but some people who are particular with the color of their accessories may enjoy this new one.

It’s not really surprising that this color has come out since there were rumors floating around. And of course there is an Aura Blue Galaxy S29+ so it’s not far-fetched that we’ll get matching earbuds. And we did as Samsung fans in the U.S. will now be able to get the Aura Blue Buds+ to match their Aura Blue smartphone. Or you can just get it regardless of your existing smartphone because the color is pretty neat, a deeper blue than the light blue one that was available at launch.

Specs-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are a big improvements over the previous version. While it does not have the Active Noise Cancellation feature that some people were hoping for, it does boast of a much-improved sound quality and also better battery life. These two are pretty important considerations when getting truly wireless earbuds. Even the in-call audio is better as it now has two drivers on each bud.

The Aura Blue color joins the other previous colors that were released. Aside from the aforementioned light blue, we also have black, red, and white. There are also pink Buds+ but that seems to be exclusive in South Korea but hopefully it will also be available in other territories. This new color variant doesn’t seem to be available on the Samsung website just yet but it has appeared on Best Buy.

We don’t know if this will be a Best Buy exclusive but for now, that is where you can see and buy the Aura Blue Galaxy Buds+. It has the same price as the other colors – $149.99. They will start shipping by Friday, May 22.