It’s just been a couple of months since Google officially added audiobooks to its Google Play Store. We now get a new update to make it even easier to listen to your books and incorporate it to your daily routine. You’ll be able to smartly pick up from where you last left off, bookmark your favorites quotes and sections, and create routines on your Google Assistant that can incorporate your book listening habit. You also get more customization when it comes to speeding things up or slowing them down.

When you’re listening to an audiobook and you suddenly get interrupted in the middle of a sentence or paragraph, it can sometimes get a bit confusing when you get back. With Smart Resume, it will intelligently rewind you to the beginning of a word or sentence so you will not get lost, especially if it’s been a while since you stopped listening. And if you find a quote or passage that you’d like to remember, you just tap the bookmark icon and you can go back to it anytime you want.

If you’ve been trying out Routines on your Google Assistant, you can now add audiobooks to your, well, routine. So if you want a book to start playing as soon as you start your morning rituals, just add it to a routine that you’ve set and it will automatically start playing together with the other actions. You can also now control the speed of your audiobooks, either 3x the normal speed or slowing them down to 0.5x.

You can also now share your audiobooks (and also your ebooks) in your Family Library in 13 more countries including Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan (audiobooks only), and South Africa. You can share this library with up to 5 family members. The updates have started rolling out to the Android devices so start listening to your audiobooks now.

SOURCE: Google