If you’re driving or doing something important but you still need to check on your notifications, haven’t you ever wished there was someone who would just read them to you? Well, as with a lot of things now, there’s an app for that. Audify Notification Reader has the great pleasure of reading back your notifications to you, but only for those that you have marked important and only during specified moments (otherwise, you just might be flooded if you’re a busy person right?)

Through your smartphone or tablet speaker, or through a headset or through any Bluetooth enabled speaker, you’ll be able to let the app do its job for you. So if you’re driving, you can focus more on the road than on reading who sent you an email or a new comment on your latest Facebook post. If you’re visually impaired or have other disabilities, then this is even better for you as it is compatible with Talkback.

But in case you might be thinking that you will have an aural overload with the numerous apps that you have installed, you can actually mute those apps that you don’t want to hear from, and just leave the ones that are most important, like calls, messages, comments on Instagram, Twitter mentions, etc. It also actually intelligently handles your notifications if you’re too lazy to set it up. For example, it will avoid consecutive notifications from the same app so you won’t get flooded with bursts.

You can also just enable the OnSpeaker when you want and mute it when you don’t want to get distracted by it. You can download Audify Notification Reader from the Google Play Store for free.