When it comes to games that involve attacking and defending, more often than not, you get to use various weapons like guns, arrows, catapults, swords, martial arts, etc. But what if you were told that your only weapon would be…dots? Well, that is exactly what this new Android game will make you do, but even if it sounds lame on paper, wait until you start playing Battledots.

Dots aren’t at all boring or simple in this strategy game, where everything seems to be doubly intense and fast-paced. There are actually 15 different kinds of dots, and each is equipped with its own different ability. The object of the game, like most other games, is to defend your base and attack your enemies before they can get to your base. The dots, depending on which you choose, can either help you or hurt you in your battle. Aside from the 15, there are also 5 Bonus-Dots that will most likely aid you.

Battledots has over 100 levels, so finishing this game should take you some time. And also, there are different game modes, so depending on your mood or the time you have, you can choose from the endless-mode (obviously, if you have a lot of time to spare), local multiplayer (where you can play with a friend on another device), or the cross-platform online-multiplayer (where you get to play against or with random people on various platforms around the world).

You can download Battledots from Google Play Store for just $0.99. There are no more in-app purchases, so that’s a very small price to pay for an addictive game like this.