In another sign that AT&T is shifting away from the iPhone and doubling down on the Android platform, Ma Bell is believed to be hard at work to develop support for the Amazon App Store. According to sources, Amazon and AT&T may be working to bring a direct app to future Android handsets which will allow for direct updating and purchases of Android apps through the Amazon App Store. Software upgrades to current handsets could also provide a purchase path on additional Android phones as well. Until that path is complete, AT&T has launched a site called, where users can select their phone and type in their email address to be notified when the link to the Amazon AppStore for Android is complete.

AT&T is working on allowing purchases and downloads from the Amazon Appstore for Android in the near future. Please select your AT&T Android smartphone from the list below and provide your email address so we can notify you after we have finalized our plans to bring the Amazon Appstore for Android to AT&T customers.

Critics of AT&T’s Android presence are quick to point out that third party apps aren’t currently allowed. As such, initially the Amazon AppStore for Android was of no use to AT&T Android customers. AT&T’s rapid response to assure customers they are working to create a path for third party apps through Amazon shows they are committed to the Android platform by providing users with a mainstream source to purchase and update their apps. The site only supports the HTC Aria, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, and Samsung Captivate so far, but that is indeed a good sign.

The Amazon AppStore for Android was launched last Tuesday and offers a wide variety of Android Apps, including Rovio’s Angry Birds for Android exclusively. Every day, they will also be offering a free app or game. Most games and apps cost .99 and users can take advantage of Amazon’s one-click check out. Users will receive an email from AT&T once the update path is available.

[via Androinica]