Ice Cream Sandwich is finally going to be available to AT&T customers and it is going to be packaged in a premium phone. HTC will be the host for this OS and with the HTC One X it intends to make a statement. Originally slated to be released on May 6 for $199 (with 2 year contract), it can be scooped up at Radio Shack for the amazing price of $149. This is a special pricing by Radio Shack is on pre-orders only. The price goes back up to $199 after the release.

This flagship phone for AT&T will be provided with a whole list of hardware including the 1.5Ghz Snapdragon dual-core processor. For the photo bug, there is a 8 MP camera on the back with advanced processing that allows you to take photos while the video is running. Audio is provided by Beats by Dre, in both hardware and software so when you plug in you phone to an external audio player you get the full rich sounds you would expect from a premium device such as this one.

Check out our recent review of the HTC One X to find out all you get with this powerhouse. With the $149 price tag and other special offers from Radio Shack for the pre-ordered phones this could be one of the best bargains of the year. Be sure to get yours soon, you can start pre-ordering on Monday, April 22.

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[via Engadget]