In the early days of 5G, most carriers were planning to have separate plans for consumers to access this new data technology and consequently, charge them more to get faster Internet. But it looks like that decision would have backfired and so now they’re changing tactics. AT&T in particular has said they will be adding 5G and “5G+” (millimeter wave 5G) to plans like Unlimited and more advanced plans like Unlimited & More Premium. This means you don’t have to subscribe to one of their newer plans to fully experience 5G.

Engadget says that AT&T consumers can expect to see 5G on their legacy unlimited plans starting this month while businesses on older plans will also experience 5G data starting April. Users will get a text message once their plan is already receiving 5G. This direction is part of the company’s 5G strategy for this week which includes having 5G+ in 17 sports venues by the end of 2021 and also start rolling out their C-band wireless spectrum.

Of course, you need a 5G-capable smartphone to be able to experience 5G data. And we don’t mean the early 5G Evolution that they were trying to fool people into thinking it was the real thing. But now, AT&T’s goal now is not to just deploy basic coverage but to start raising average speeds and adding infrastructure to fill in the gaps that prevents all of its consumers from experiencing true 5G. It’s not so much about getting ahead of the competition now but to provide 5G to keep current customers as well.

Previously during the early stages of 5G development, carriers like AT&T were bent on charging their subscribers extra to be able to experience the then-potentially fast Internet. But now they seem to realize that it might eventually backfire on them as subscribers may switch carriers instead of paying extra. Now they get to keep subscribers if they offer 5G at the current plans they’re on without having to pay extra.

AT&T says they will be adding 5G to the following previous generation consumer unlimited plans starting this month:
Unlimited & More
Unlimited & More Premium
Unlimited Choice
Unlimited Choice II
Unlimited Choice Enhanced
Unlimited Plus
Unlimited Plus Enhanced
Unlimited Value

Meanwhile, these Business unlimited plans will get 5G and 5G+ starting April:
Unlimited Choice for Business
Unlimited Plus for Business
Business Unlimited Basic
Business Unlimited Plus
Business Unlimited Enhanced
Business Unlimited Basic with Private Wi-Fi
Business Unlimited Plus with Private Wi-Fi
Business Unlimited Enhanced with Private Wi-Fi
Business Unlimited Preferred


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