Two of the United States’ biggest mobile carriers are stepping up and giving users more data to use on their mobile devices as more and more people get access to LTE connectivity. LTE – popularly known as 4G connectivity (although if we’re being technical, it’s not really 4G, but we’re nitpicking) – is now becoming more and more common in more areas in the US, and it seems a good move for AT&T and Verizon to offer more data in their plans for consumers.

Firstly, AT&T is offering 1GB more of data usage to their USD$40 monthly plan which now allows users 3GB of data use from an earlier 2GB cap. The company’s USD$70 monthly plan has also been updated, giving 2GB more of data usage (from 4GB to 6GB). If you’re an LTE user, then you know that these extra gigabytes matter.

Verizon, on the other hand, is also increasing data caps on their monthly plans. The Verizon website says that for a limited time, the USD$80 monthly plan will now get 10GB of data usage. The USD$100 monthly plan will now get 15GB of data usage. If you are an existing Verizon user, it will be good for you to take advantage of this promo offer while it’s still available.

These seem to be the first steps that the carriers are taking towards the holiday season. We’re sure there will be more promos to come, so watch out for them.

SOURCE: AT&T, Verizon