If you’ve always wanted to have a Spotify Premium account but didn’t want to pay an extra $9.99, we have good news for you. Well, it’s good news only if you’re an AT&T premium customer. The carrier announced a new partnership with the music streaming giant where their Unlimited & More customers will now be able to choose Spotify Premium as one of their premium entertainment options and they won’t have to pay anything extra. Other AT&T subscribers can also get Spotify Premium but only on a 6-month free trial.

AT&T says that this is just the beginning of their collaboration with Spotify so we should probably expect more promos and tie-ups between the two brands. This is also probably in response to their rivals’ own partnership – Verizon offers free or six months Apple Music membership to their customers, depending on what plan they’re subscribed to. You’re lucky though if you’re with AT&T and Spotify is your preferred music service or if it’s not, it will probably be especially if you’re getting it for free.

Current and new subscribers to the Unlimited & More Premium plan have 7 premium entertainment options that they can choose to add at no additional cost. Aside from Spotify, the other choices are HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, VRV, and Pandora. You can check your account already to find out the offer details and if you don’t have a Spotify account yet, you can actually create one through the AT&T site directly.

And if you’re an AT&T subscriber and your plan is one of those that qualify, you’ll get a 6-month free trial of Spotify Premium. However, they did not specify if you have to be a new Spotify subscriber to avail of this offer but since it says “free trial” then it probably means you can’t convert your current free account and so you’ll have to just create a new one. After that, if you enjoyed all the Premium features, then you may probably want to just continue using it but this time, you shell out $9.99 a month.

The battle between carriers and their official music streaming partners is now officially on. Will we see T-Mobile team up with Pandora or other services soon?