AT&T Unlimited Elite Unlimited High Speed Data

AT&T is offering a lot of new plans and devices. Just recently, we mentioned the Moto G Stylus 5G 2021 and the fact that RCS messaging for Android devices will soon be the default on AT&T. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite from AT&T was also made more affordable. The AT&T is soon shutting down its 3G network but it’s been introducing new things like the Unlimited High Speed Data. This is especially offered for the AT&T Unlimited Elite customers who want to remain in the fast lane.

The unlimited high-speed data being offered will not slow down. According to AT&T, if you’re on Unlimited Elite, you can even enjoy unlimited high-speed data without experiencing any slowdown. This means no throttling at all.

The mobile hotspot data allowance is also being increased while video resolution is improved to 4K Ultra High Definition. All these and more are offered free–at no extra cost. Everything is good news for present Elite customers. If you are one, you may receive a text anytime soon, saying the benefit is ready.

The plan is “hassle-free” for the customers. AT&T continues to “add value and simplify the wireless experience”. AT&T’s Senior Vice President of Wireless Marketing Jennifer Van Buskirk said: “We listen to our customers, appreciate them and want to make it easy for them to get the most out of their wireless plans. With these Unlimited Elite enhancements, we are making it simple by automatically adding these enhancements for all our Elite customers – they don’t have to do a thing.”

You don’t have to change plans if you’re already on Elite. It’s really truly unlimited now with the new benefits and promises like that new 40GB mobile hotspot limit from 30GB. The plan also includes AT&T 5G so you can make use of it if you already have a 5G phone.


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