SO we’ve just received an image stamped with the mark of our pals over at Phandroid, an image that appears to detail the future of AT&T through 2011. This sheet notes that AT&T is the fastest network, that their HSPA+ network blasts content out at 4x the speed of the networks they’ve already got in place, that this HSPA+ aka 4G network will be deployed to “virtually” 100% of their networks through this year, that AT&T allows for talk and data simultaneously while Sprint and Verizon don’t, that AT&T is the only HSPA+ AND LTE committed US company, that even when customers go off of LTE they’ll still have faster mobile broadband speeds with HSPA+, and something fantastic that matters more than all of this. Actually three things, if you think about it. What three things, you ask?

First, AT&T is saying they’ll have two EXCLUSIVE 4G devices in the first quarter of 2011 and will have TWENTY by the end of 2011. Of course this could mean anything, right? They could all be webOS devices. Naw. The third and most awesome note noted on this sheet is that AT&T is committed to Android and will have 12 new devices by the end of 2011. Gotta catch em all!

[Via Phandroid]


  1. It’s SEEMS LIKE ATT HAS A POLICY OF NO UPDATE ON ANDROID PHONES ATT HAS MANAGE TO UPDATE ZERO OF THEIR ANDROID PHONES FOR 2010 TAKE THE DELL STREAK FOR EXAMPLE DELL AND ATT PUSH THE STREAK ON PEOPLE PROMISING AN UDATE TO FROYO THAT WAS IN AUGUST OF 2010 DELL CAME THU.. IN NOVEMBER YET THE UPDATE IS STUCK IN ATT TESTING HELL HOLE THEY MUST EMPLOY MONKEYS YOU SUCK ATT AND DELL THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK BEFORE WE SUE YOU BUT the FAULT IS REALLY ON ATT SINCE Dell Released the update Months ago It’s the morons at Att. That’s fuckin over their costomers att really need to clean House if they want to compete in This new game I hope manufacturers use this streak episode and not release any new product on att b/c they rist enormous harm to their company and reputation how many pissed off people are there that will never buy from dell again I rest ma case eventhough i’m stuck with 1.6 i still woulcn’t go back to the iphone ANDROID ROCKS SAN ATT.


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