Vincent attended the AT&T Media lunch where Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT&T discussed the company’s plans to collaborate with Google in producing handsets running the open-source Android OS. In discussing upcoming handsets, de la Vega revealed that, following demonstrations of Android prototypes and discussion with the Google team behind the platform, he was convinced to one day include cellphones based on it in AT&T’s range.

“What I’m saying is I like it a lot more than before … We’re now looking to see when it’s ready to be developed. Now I’m in the camp where I’m positive that it’s something I’d want in our portfolio” Ralph de la Vega today, president and CEO, AT&T

According to de la Vega, one of the key positive points of Android is the flexibility handset manufacturers and carriers have in customizing the OS, leading to the possibility of an AT&T branded cellphone that runs the Google platform but is unique in its appearance. Google has always maintained that it will not limit Android handset to its own suite of mobile apps, but allow developers to add to, edit or replace them with their own preference.

Current partners to the Open Handset Alliance have verbally agreed not to modify the OS to the point that applications coded for it will not run on other Android-based devices; it is unclear what affect, if any, AT&T’s intentions will have on this.


[Via AT&T in talks with Google for upcoming Android handsets – PHONE Magazine]