With Verizon showering greater continental USA with 4G LTE, it would only be common sense for its head competitor, AT&T, to begin doing the same. That’s why the news of 5 more cities to receive 4G LTE from the global blue doesn’t surprise us in the least, and why we’re very excited for many more to come.

With 4G LTE becoming a staple of basic mobile networking, it needs to be out and about in numerous places to be utilized. Even more important than that is that it needs to be available on different networks with different pricepoints. Right now, Verizon is killing it with their 4G LTE availability, but AT&T has just announced that they’re catching up – and fast.

They’ve announced that 4G LTE is now available in these fine cities:

– New Bedford, Massachusetts
– Gallup, New Mexico
– Logan, Ohio
– Rio Grande Valley, Texas
– Salinas, California

– Tuscaloosa, Alabama
– Florence-Muscle Shoals, Alabama
– Providence and Kent Counties, Rhode Island
– Tri-Cities, Washington

This brings AT&T’s round total close to that of Verizon’s, and keeps it on the edge of things. It’s goal? To absolutely annihilate the current 3G coverage available to its customers and better promote its faster, more reliable 4G LTE network. We suspect it’ll have no problem meeting its goals by the end of 2013.

In the meantime, if you’re in any one of the aforementioned zones, you can currently try 4G LTE on your Android equipped device. In our recent review of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, we were pleasantly surprised to find how blindingly quick 4G LTE is. We also know that our neighbors to the North are basking in a 4G LTE glow, so it’s good to know we might get some of those sweet summer rays as well.

SOURCE: AT&T Newsroom