AT&T has announced some upcoming changes to the plans that will be offered to new customers. The carrier has said they are looking to do a bit of streamlining. Or in other words, they are going to begin pushing new customers towards a Mobile Share plan as opposed to a traditional voice plan. These shared plans were originally announced last year and are currently available in a wide range of data options.

The changes will go into effect on October 25, and while they will be available for new customers, current customers will be unaffected. More specific, current customers will be unaffected unless they want to change plans. AT&T has made a point to say “none of our [their] customers will be forced to switch plans if they’d like to stick with what they have — even when upgrading to a new device.” That aside, the changes will have these plans beginning at $50 and $70 per month.

The $50 option will be for basic phones and the $70 plan will be for smartphones. These starting price points include unlimited minutes and messages as well as 300MB of data that can be shared across devices. Of course, there is still going to be the option to grab a plan with higher data levels. After all, when sharing across multiple devices that 300MB could go in no time flat.

The Mobile Share plans allow for a total of 10 devices per account and each added device brings an additional monthly cost. That added monthly cost will vary based on what type you are adding. For example, a tablet would be an additional $10 per month.

Otherwise, part of the reason for moving customers away from the option of the older plans is the success of the Mobile Share plans. The carrier has said since introducing these plans they now have 13 million devices using them. And to further push these as a good value, AT&T also mentioned how in “95 percent of the new customer scenarios, Mobile Share offers the same or better price with additional value.”