ATT 3G Network Shutdown February 2022

While most carriers and networks are pushing for 5G, there are still people still using 3G. Most of them are probably not interested in changing their units yet but in the coming months or next year, we may soon see the end for 3G, at least, in the United States. AT&T has made a quick announcement that 3G will be going away in 2022. The carrier will be phasing out the 3G network by February next year. This may not be so good news for remaining 3G users but it is expected to improve the mobile experience of more consumers.

AT&T is urging subscribers to get ready. You must sign in HERE and check if you can still use your device after February 2022. If your phone is not on the list, it means it will not work on the given date. It is encouraged you upgrade to a new smartphone.

Those on AT&T PREPAID should know phones that don’t support HD Voice will no longer work with AT&T once the 3G network is shut down. If you have AT&T Wireless service, data and talk will not work if device is not 4G capable.

You can replace your phone and get a new one. You can also upgrade your phone line by going to the AT&T store. You can order for a new phone online as well with AT&T Right To You. Get at least 4G LTE-capable or upgrade to a 5G phone.

You can recycle your phone, other wireless devices, batteries, and accessories at an AT&T store. Do this if you really don’t know what to do with your old smartphone.


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