If you’ve still been living in the dark ages aka the 2G network of AT&T, then you’ve probably noticed that since the start of 2017, nothing has been happening to your mobile life. That’s because your carrier has effectively shut down the 2G wireless networks starting January 1, 2017 to give way to faster data speeds for other customers that are on the network. Around 1% of AT&T subscribers were still on 2G before then, but now they have no choice but to upgrade or go to another network.

This isn’t a decision or announcement that suddenly came out of the blue. In fact, it was four years ago when they announced their plan to shut down the 2G network. They also said that they were in constant communication with their customers, directing them to upgrade to the newer networks as they would eventually stop supporting 2G. To entice them to switch (as if having faster speeds isn’t enough), they offered discounts and free devices to those who were qualified for these incentives.

3G and 4G LTE networks on AT&T cover around 99% of the US. They are shutting 2G down (aside from the fact that it’s slow) in order to make more space for all these faster technologies, including of course 5G. This is actually part of their 5G Evolution plan, which will “repurpose the spectrum” of the discontinued 2G network for LTE.

If you’ve still been holding out of getting out of that grandfathered network, for your own weird reasons, then now is the time to upgrade. Hopefully for AT&T, you will still stay with them. Or maybe also this is the time for you to transfer to another network. Either way, welcome to the real world of the Internet, finally.