Today AT&T has shed a little more light and details on their shared mobile data plans for everyone. Announced last month by AT&T, following Verizon’s similar launch, and now today they’ve gave everyone a release date. Users can select to move to shared data plans starting August 23rd from AT&T.

Starting with 1GB of data for $40 a month, you can then select to share that data plan with up to 10 additional devices. Each new device added actually saves you money, but we’d hardly call it cheap. For a full breakdown check out the original announcement post for more details. Unlike Verizon, AT&T will let users keep their unlimited data and grandfathered plans. Well done AT&T. Here’s a quick video they’ve released to help customers understand their options.

Another key difference from their competition is AT&T is not making these shared data plans a requirement — at least not yet. Users can choose to take this route should the like their options, but it isn’t mandatory. Verizon on the other hand is forcing their customers hands, and money into these options instead. Also with AT&T each additional device you add to the plan, actually makes it drop $5 dollars.

If you’d like to get prepared for the optional changes by AT&T they’ve already released a data estimate tool they are calling the Mobile Share Planner Tool. Hit that link to get started with all your options and help deciding what’s right for you and the family. Their mobile shared plans start at $40 a month, and range to over $200 monthly. More details will be coming soon but head down to your nearest AT&T store for full information.