AT&T has said that starting as soon as August 11th, it will start moving those customers whom they’ve contacted about tethering without a specific tethering plan on to one. Those customers in question will be moved onto AT&T’s Data Pro plus Tehthering, giving them 4 GB of data to use for $45 a month.

Earlier this year AT&T sent out warnings to those illegally tethering, although the warnings did seem much more aimed at iPhone users. They threatened to move those users onto tethering plans, if they did not either stop tethering, or sign up for a plan themselves. Now AT&T has confirmed they will start making good on that threat this month.

The other big news here is that if you are on an unlimited data plan with AT&T still, you will lose it forever if they switch you. Capping your data is a hefty price to pay, so if you’ve been contacted by AT&T, better safe than sorry, stop tethering. Of course if the tethering is more important to you than the unlimited data, then its up to you to see how long you can risk it.

I for one have never been too happy with the fact wireless providers make you pay extra for tethering, but I do have to say that there is a case to be made for unlimited data, especially as we see wireless speeds approach those of our home networks.

On a tiered plan, I stick to my guns that its your data to use on whatever device you have, but the contracts over rule me. For unlimited data, there have been incidences where that top 5% have ruined the party for everyone by trying to do things as ridiculous as torrent movies through their 4G connections. I’ll end my rant there. Be warned, some Android users may not have received warnings since the campaign seems more iPhone oriented, but if you tether, do it with caution.

[via SlashGear]