Coming ahead of their Q4 2012 quarterly report, AT&T has announced that they have seen “record smartphone sales” during the quarter. The quarterly results are due to be released later in the month — after market close on Thursday, January 24. But in the meantime, it looks like AT&T has sold quite a few smartphones.

In fact, the company is touting sales of “more than” 10 million. This breaks the previous quarterly record of 9.4 million which was back in the fourth quarter of 2011. The one catch here, while AT&T has announced the record breaking smartphone sales, they have yet to offer any breakdown in terms of devices.

In other words, as of now AT&T has noted that “this included best-ever quarterly sales of Android and Apple smartphones.” And while AT&T should be happy about a record breaking sales quarter, it looks like they are also happy about the future revenues that will come as a result.

In fact, Ralph de la Vega, the president and chief executive officer for AT&T Mobility stated that; “These are the industry’s most valuable postpaid subscribers with average revenues twice that of non-smartphone subscribers.” Finally, it was also noted that this meant sales averaging 110,000 smartphones per day.