More source code news today — and no we don’t mean the Jake Gyllenhaal movie either. Today Samsung has just pushed the kernel source code out for their new Samsung Galaxy Note with AT&T LTE. The code was released some time ago but this new release is specific to the AT&T 4G LTE model that was announced last month.

The AT&T version of the Note wont be available until February 19th, and pre-sales start on the 5th but that hasn’t stopped Samsung as the code is readily available today, right now at the source links below. Now those awesome folks at XDA or RootzWiki can get started on creating even better ROMs, mods, hacks, and overclock the beast. Don’t expect too much until the device starts landing in developers hands, but this is a good start.

Available today at the Samsung Open Source Release Center, but there appears to be three different versions available to download that are basically the same. If you want to dig around inside the code for yourself or are eager to start developing for the 5.3″ Note hit the link below and have some fun.

Galaxy Note source

[device id=1438]

[via Android Police]