How satisfied are you with your mobile service provider? If you’re an AT&T customer, the numbers show you’re pretty happy, at least more than the competition. T-Mobile made huge improvements in customer relations, while Verizon kept on their path of excellence. Sprint customers, unfortunately, remain dissatisfied.

In a new J.D. Power survey, AT&T ranked highest in customer satisfaction. The study was pretty straightforward, too: it asked customers how happy they were wight he level of customer service they received. that metric usually ties into call center support, and the study made some interesting points regarding phone support and satisfaction.

According to the survey, the longer a call lasts, the more customers are dissatisfied. As many as 30% of customers who have a call to the service desk last longer than 15 minutes are willing to switch carriers. The concept being the longer the call, the less likely it is that a solution is found — thus creating unhappy customers.


Though AT&T remains on top, Verizon is a close second. T-Mobile leapfrogged Sprint into the third place spot, which says quite a bit for their recent ‘Uncarrier’ approach. It’s also interesting that T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who likes to tell us all how dissatisfied AT&T customers are, fronts a company that ranks a distant third in regard to customer satisfaction.

With regard to prepaid carriers — that is, those who don’t offer subsidy of any kind — T-Mobile owned MetroPCS ranked first in customer satisfaction. With the survey, T-Mobile has their customer satisfaction on the right path; the most improved carrier, and the highest ranking prepaid to boot. Though not winning the race, they’ve made important strides.