Just like many others this past week the folks from AT&T are holding their earnings and financial results calls today. As usual we are following along for anything interesting, while also watching Apple’s stock, and today AT&T posted some decent numbers although they still raked in a net loss. According to the report AT&T posted $32.6 billion in revenue for Q4 of 2012.

The wireless company experienced another loss for Q4 2012, but the good news is the loss was smaller than last year and they appear to be making serious progress. They sold millions and millions of smartphones, enhanced and improved their 4G LTE network, and are slowly beefing up all aspects of coverage. AT&T posted a profit of $0.44 per share on sales totaling $32.6 billion in revenue.

Even with huge revenues topping 30 mill AT&T still sadly reported a loss of $3.9 billion for this quarter along. Like mentioned above though, the good news is that was less than the $6.7 billion less from Q4 2011. Everything isn’t bad news though for AT&T. They had an awesome quarter in terms of adding new customers, and selling smartphones with both breaking records.

AT&T managed to add 780,000 new subscribers during the past quarter, and their CEO called it the largest increase in three years. The same can be said about smartphone sales. AT&T sold 10.2 million smartphones in Q4 of 2012 and around 8.6 million were the iPhone. It’s safe to say the iPhone had a good few months. For the entire year of 2012 the consolidated revenue hit $127.4 billion too. AT&T ended mentioning that by the end of the year they hope to have over 250 million customers blanketed in their growing 4G LTE network.

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