We’ve been getting a lot of excellent quarterly financial reports in lately. From Samsung and Qualcomm to Verizon and now AT&T, smartphones and tablets are making a lot of people filthy rich. AT&T sold a whopping 5.1 million smartphones in Q2 of its fiscal year, with 61.9% of its postpaid subscribers using a smartphone. That 61.9% figure jibes quite well with what we’ve been hearing from Nielsen lately, which says that in Q2, 2 out of every 3 people who purchased a phone went with a smartphone over a feature phone.

Those 5.1 million smartphone sales led to AT&T reporting consolidated revenues at $31.6 billion for the quarter, growing 0.3% over Q2 2011. Also of note is the fact that one-third of AT&T’s postpaid subscribers are now using a 4G-capable device. AT&T ended the quarter with 105.2 million subscribers, making an average revenue of $64.93 on each of its postpaid wireless subscribers, which is up 1.7% year-over-year.

Branded computing net adds (which AT&T describes as tablets, tethering plans, mobile hotspots, etc.) hit 496,000 during Q2, bringing the total number of activations up to 6.3 million. Total wireless adds managed to rise to 1.3 million during the quarter, with 320,000 of those being postpaid adds.

So, overall, not a bad quarter by any means for AT&T. As stated above, smartphone manufacturers and carriers enjoyed excellent second quarters (or third quarters, in the case of Qualcomm), and many expect those gains to continue as the year goes on. Stay tuned, because this could be a record-breaking year for more than just AT&T.

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