Coming ahead of the holiday shopping season, AT&T has launched two special offers. The first of these special offers deals with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. Specifically, the potential of grabbing the tablet for free. This offer, as one may have guessed, does involve the purchase of a smartphone.

In this case, those who purchase a Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Note II will be eligible. This offer kicks off today, October 30, and requires the phone to be purchased on either a two-year agreement or under the AT&T Next purchase program.

AT&T will have the Galaxy Tab 3 offer available with all company-owned retail locations and at participating dealer locations. In addition, the offer will “soon” be available online. Further details point towards the user needing to activate these under an AT&T Mobile Share plan which means an additional $10 per month cost for the tablet.

Otherwise, the other offer deals with trade-ins. In this case AT&T is offering a “minimum” $100 Promotion Card for those trading in an eligible smartphone. The catch here, that user will also need to purchase a new smartphone using the AT&T Next program. And for those curious, that promo card can then be used towards your monthly bill, new accessories or a tablet.

That all being said, these are both limited time offers set to expire on January 9, 2014.

SOURCE: PR Newswire