If you’re wanting a new prepaid line that offers double the data usually offered, AT&T wants to reel you in with a limited time only promo. Normally, their $50 prepaid line gives you 8GB of data but for this promo, they will be raising that to 16GB per month. And if you sign up for the Auto Pay scheme, you will even get a $10 discount on your monthly payment. So that means you just pay $40 per month for 16GB of data and with no contract or credit check involved.

This isn’t applicable of course for existing prepaid users and it will not be a permanent offer. This new AT&T prepaid deal actually is only until July 4 for online transactions and until July 11 for in-store transactions. The offer will only apply for those who will activate a new AT&T Prepaid line, the $50 plan to be exact and then enroll for Auto Pay so that it will be reduced to just $40 per month, with the 16GB data of course.

Aside from the data, you also get unlimited calls and text which almost all plans have anyway. You also get unlimited calls and text on those placed from the US to Canada and Mexico. You will also be able to use your monthly data allocation when you’re in those two countries as well.

If you go over the 16GB data allocation, you will not lose your connection, don’t worry. Instead, just like with other similar plans, you will be throttled to slow speeds (speed being a misnomer) with a maximum of 128Kbps. So you should use tools to monitor your consumption in case you’re nearing your limit.

Aside from the deadlines mentioned above, you will also have to sign up for AutoPay by July 4 to be able to avail of this limited promo. You can use an existing phone that you have or buy one that’s compatible with AT&T or buy through their store since you’ll be there anyway.


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