There are ads and there are ads. And there are ads that you sometimes wish weren’t. AT&T has chosen to regale us with another ad attempting to sell the PadFone X as something cool, forgetting the one piece that really makes it cool: an actual launch date.

AT&T has been releasing these ads that try to tempt us into being interested in ASUS’ hybrid smartphone/tablet and thus far it has been doing well, though a bit on the bland side. This latest one, however, will probably evoke some reaction, but probably not all in a positive way. Here you have a lady peacefully playing with her puppy. Then comes a man obviously intent on striking up a conversation with her. He shoes her his own dog on his smartphone. She is obviously unamused. That is until he whips out this large tablet thing in which he inserts his smartphone to show her a bigger picture. And now she’s obviously impressed.

Not that the PadFone X isn’t impressive, or at the very least quite interesting. You have somewhat still current gen specs inside the 5-inch 1080p capable smartphone, plus an extra helping of battery and a larger 9-inch tablet dock. The fact that you can simply dock your phone and turn it into a fully functional and well-adjust tablet is sure to earn you a few curious, if not mocking, eyes, at least while the novelty of the PadFone factor lasts.

But given that very same novelty, perhaps AT&T felt behooved to demonstrate just how impressive it really is. But one can always go overboard and betray how constrained such demonstrations are. The real litmus test is, of course, when the device actually hits shelves, which AT&T is still leaving an utter mystery.