Ending the chapter of HTC’s Sense 6 rollout, AT&T has officially released a firmware update that will bring HTC’s latest custom Android UI to last year’s One Mini. With Android 4.4 already in its belt, this latest Sense update lets HTC’s 2013 mini flagship stand head to head with the newer One mini 2, at least in terms of software features.

Sense 6.0 brings a variety of changes across the board, but the most immediate ones will be the color coded themes. This will let users easily identify HTC apps simply based on their colors, like orange for music, blue for calendar, and black for settings. BlinkFeed has also been enhanced to use continuous scrolling for browsing and has also been relocated to a side panel for easy access even as it stays out of the way when you don’t need it. Other HTC apps have similarly been updated, like the Camera’s new Zoe mode or Sense TV’s fresh new look.

Along with these HTC-specific changes, AT&T is also pushing out some of its own, in particular the addition or update of pre-installed apps (a.k.a. bloatware) like AT&T Addressbook, Uber, Yahoo Mail, and Ready to Go.

All in all the, update is noted to come at a large 550 MB size, so a stable Internet connection and ample storage space will be required. Although the update shouldn’t be invasive or destructive, it wouldn’t hurt to make a backup of important files. Users will be able to manually check for the update from Android’s Settings app. Once the update has been successful, the Software Version number on your device should now be 4.13.502.3.



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