AT&T has introduced a new way for customers to schedule an in-store appointment. This new method is available online and may seem familiar to those who have scheduled an appointment with an Apple Genius. Basically, with this new method you will be able to make an appointment or reschedule an appointment.

Those interested will be able to find this on the AT&T website and it can be used to schedule appointments at a retail location or at a device service center. The process seems simple enough. Things begin with choosing whether you want to make, or change an appointment. From here you enter your local zip code and chose whether you want a retail store or device service center.


After locating the store you are planning to visit you move into whether this is for a consumer or small business issue. After this you enter your personal details, choose a date and time and then compete the process by confirming the details. Aside from general questions, AT&T has said this can be used to schedule appointments for items to include signing up for, or upgrading your wireless service as well as for discussing, reviewing or changing your current wireless plan.

Of course, if you are out and about and happen to visit an AT&T store — you can still get some help without having an appointment. Nonetheless, it seems like those who have appointments may have a bit more control over how much time they have to sit and wait before being seen. Well, that is assuming those handling the appointments with AT&T are not running behind.

[via AT&T]