Carriers are getting increasingly competitive, not just with their price points but even more with their add-ons and additional plan offerings. And if you use a lot of your allocation on watching video streaming sites, then you’d want to have an “unlimited” data plan. The new AT&T Unlimited Plus wireless plan is trying to appeal to that demographic by offering discounted subscriptions to their own TV and video streaming services. Although of course consumers have realized by now that there is nothing purely unlimited when it comes to data allocation.

The AT&T Unlimited Plus plan has actually been available for some time now, but exclusively for customers of the DirecTV satellite service and the U-Verse cable TV service. But now it’s open to anyone who wants to subscribe and they are offering incentives if you sign up for both the plan and either of the two services, as well as DirecTV Now, the Internet-based streaming video plan. You get a $25 video credit if you sign up for any of the three.

The plans are a little bit complicated as there are lots of add-on options. But to make a long story short, $115 a month will give you unlimited data, talk, and text, 10GB of tethering per smartphone, an option to connect a tablet and other devices ($20/month), and the ability to add premium video via DIRECTV. That price already includes discounts for AutoPay and paperless billing plus the aforementioned $25 video credit.

They also have AT&T Unlimited Choice for those looking for cheaper plans with “unlimited” data, talk, and text. It’s not really unlimited since they start throttling your connection if you exceed 22GB of data usage per line. The good news is that if you subscribe to both the wireless plan and video service, you can avail of Data Free TV, which lets you watch as many videos as you want on DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and it will not be included in your data usage. Too bad for you if you’re attached to your Netflix and Hulu and other streaming services though.