AT&T launched the Moto X today and while the handset is available in black and white — we suspect many were waiting for the ability to do a bit of customizing. Well, in a bit of good news/bad news, the MotoMaker customization site has launched. That of course is the good, the bad is that while you can design your handset you cannot actually place the order immediately.

Instead the MotoMaker site currently allows you to design your handset, pick some accessories and then save it for later. Specifically, you will be able to email the design to yourself to buy (more on that later in the post). Launching the MotoMaker site you first need to click the “Get Started” button and then from that point you proceed to pick your colors and add your accessories.

There are several front colors and several accent colors available at the moment. The front of the handset can be black or white. Otherwise, the process also allows you to pick from a few case options (all of which are extras in terms of cost). You then go on to pick the internal storage (16GB or 32GB) as well as the wallpaper and power-on message. You can also pick the color of your charger — with options for black and white.

After the design is done and the colors and messages are picked you add in your Google account credentials so things are set and ready when your phone arrives. The last step of course, it to email the design to yourself. Here is where that catch of not being able to immediately purchase your customized Moto X comes in. That email instructs you to go to an AT&T store to purchase the phone.

Once purchased at AT&T you will get a card with a PIN and from that point you can head back to the Moto Maker site and complete the process. All said and done, this is not exactly a streamlined process just yet, but it does feel somewhat cool to pick the colors of your phone. With that in mind, we do have a full review of the Moto X as well as a more detailed MotoMaker walkthrough.

SOURCE: Motorola MotoMaker