AT&T has announced some changes to the Mobile Share Value plans. These changes will be going into effect as of December 8th and they will be available for new and existing AT&T customers. Perhaps a bit more important for some, this plan refresh brings some additional perks for those who already own, or plan to purchase an off-contract device.

According to details coming from AT&T, these plans allow for “No Annual Service Contract” options. That means a $15 per month discount for those who (as mentioned) already own their smartphone or plan to purchase one on a no-contract basis. The nice part here, that no-contract purchase can mean two things — either pay full retail at the time of purchase, or grabbing the handset with monthly payments under the AT&T Next program.

Otherwise, the Mobile Share Value plans should should familiar for anyone that has been following the shared plans with AT&T. Basically, that means shared plans with unlimited talk and text. Each account can be shared with up to 10 devices and aside from the unlimited talk and text, you can add data based on your usage needs. The data packages begin at 300MB per month and climb all the way up to 50GB.

Bottom line here, this means qualifying smartphones can now be added to a Mobile Share Value plan at a discounted rate. Along with that discount, AT&T has also added a new 18 month upgrade option under the Next program. The specifics here are the same in that there is no downpayment, upgrade fee, activation fee or financing fee. Similar to the new Mobile Share Value offering, the 18 month Next option will be available beginning on December 8th.