Mobile carriers are all busy working and coming up with new plans for the consumers. In the United States, the top mobile networks have been announcing changes and new offerings to their data plans. For one, there’s AT&T with the new Mobile Share Advantage promising “Zero Overage Charges, Zero Worries”. It’s similar to other data plans from AT&T but now without any overage charges.

Don’t be surprised that once you’ve reached the data limit, data speed will be throttled a bit. That’s normal for most plans these days. There are two new plans actually available: the Mobile Share Advantage and Mobile Share Value.

AT&T MOBILE Share Value Plan

AT&T has tried to simplify the plans by eliminating those overage charges. Beginning August 21, data usage for those who have reached their limit will see a drop in speed, at least, until the next cycle. You can still enjoy the unlimited text and talk, sharable data, Rollover Data, mobile hotspot, and international texting.

Mobile Share Advantage plans are available in different limits from 1GB to to 30GB. There’s 1GB($30), 3GB($40), 6GB($60), 10GB($80), 16GB($90), 25GB($110), and 30GB($135). More lines can still be added up to a maximum of ten should you want to share the “mobile love” with more family members.

If you’re now on Mobile Share Value plan, you can get a Mobile Share Advantage for the same price. It’s simply an upgrade to a plan that’s more worth your money.

For those who are able to spend more money like on the 25GB plan that’s already $235 per month for four lines, a new plan is available with the same limit but with a lower price of $190. There’s another 30GB plan that costs $215 for four smartphones per month.

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