The brand new flagship HTC One smartphone surely is an impressive handset, but we know many of you have been waiting and wondering if the bootloader would be unlocked, or at least unlockable using the HTCdev site. While HTC has been better lately about unlocking many devices bootloaders, they have a dev edition up for sale leading many to believe the One would be locked down.

However today the news broke over on XDA that the official HTC Dev bootloader unlock site that was released last year will let you unlock the bootloader on the One. At least for now. We are not sure at this point if the initial release software from AT&T and HTC allow it and this will be closed, or if HTC indeed plans on allowing this device to be fully unlocked with the appropriate channel.

For now it appears that the device will be able to be unlocked and free from HTC and AT&T’s handcuffs. From there users will be able to root and do as they please and flash all types of custom ROM’s for the handset. CM10.1 on the One sure would be nice, right. Hopefully things stay this way for the impressive new device. And hey, maybe this is why Verizon opted to pass on getting the HTC One – it wouldn’t surprise me.

Once the device becomes available to the mass public in the coming weeks on AT&T we’ll find out for sure if things will stay this way, or if AT&T and HTC will patch this up and lock her down. The unlocked developer model goes on sale April 23rd. In the meantime if you managed to get one early this weekend, head to the HTCDev site and give it a try.

[via Droid-Life]

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