AT&T will be flipping the switch for High Definition (HD) Voice service a bit later in the month. The service will go live in select markets beginning on May 23, 2014 and be on an all-IP Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) network. The markets will be spread across Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The carrier has yet to reveal specifics in terms of which markets will be getting support next, however they have said they “will continue to expand on a market-by-market basis.” Along with the limited market availability, the handset support will also be limited. Details coming from AT&T show support for just one device — the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S4 mini is still listed as “coming soon” on the AT&T website. The coming soon style teaser page makes note about how the device is “AT&T HD Voice capable” but fails to mention anything in terms of a price or release date. Of course, given the HD Voice support is going live on the 23rd — we suspect the Galaxy S4 mini will be available the same day, if not a bit earlier.

Bottom line here, the AT&T HD Voice rollout will soon be underway. The sad part is how the limited support will mean users will need to be in Illinois, indiana, Minnesota or Wisconsin and using a Galaxy S4 mini to call another Galaxy S4 mini (to take full advantage of the voice quality). Otherwise, to clarify, AT&T has also said the HD Voice support will be available for users “at no additional cost.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire


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