It seems like AT&T is not satisfied with their two current, simplified Unlimited plans and so they have now announced the three new ones that will be replacing Unlimited & More and Unlimited & More Premium. The two new plans – Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Extra – will be available next week while the third one, Unlimited Elite, will be available eventually. The weird thing though is that they won’t be including AT&T Watch TV perks with these new plans unlike the current two have their live TV subscription.

The most basic among the three new Unlimited plans is of course the Unlimited Starter. If you get a single line it will be $65 per month but if you get up to four lines, you will get it at just $35 per line per month. The good news is that you won’t have any data threshold. The bad news is that AT&T reserves the right to throttle your speed whenever they experience “network congestion”. So basically, you’re dependent on when AT&T will throttle your speed or not.

The next level is Unlimited Extra where you pay $75 for a single line and $40 per line if you get four. You get 50GB shared pool of data and if you exceed that, then the throttling starts. You also get 15GB of LTE data for hotspot but it’s for each line under your account. Video streaming quality is only capped at 480p, same with the Unlimited Starter plan. The difference with these two plans and the current ones is that you don’t have Watch TV added to your account.

The most premium of the three plans is the upcoming Unlimited Elite. You can get it at $85 per month on a single line and $50 per month for four lines. The shared full-speed data is at 100GB while the hotspot data is 30GB per line. The bonus here is you get a free HBO subscription which will then be upgraded to HBO Max when they launch their own streaming service by May 2020.

There is no explanation as to why Watch TV was not included in any of the new plans, especially now that the live TV services market is becoming even more competitive. But in any case, Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Extra will be available starting next week while Unlimited Elite is “coming soon”.


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