Things like this can be viewed as the bad side of having an open source platform. We all know Google’s main source of income and the reason they make any product is focused on their ad revenues. Google Search is their main source of this income and it will be replaced on Google’s own OS by one of its main competitors, Yahoo Search on the Motorola Backflip. Some speculate they their may be some disagreement between Google and Motorola but this is purely AT&T trying to keep Apple happy.

The home screen widget has been replaced by a Yahoo version, the browser even performs Yahoo searches. Virtually every search you can perform will utilize Yahoo for the results, this is the first Android device with Yahoo as the main search engine. One thing to keep in mind is MotoBlur is a custom UI and is not a Google Experience device. Therefore, it can be customized to the carriers content. Maybe this trend will continue throughout AT&T’s Android devices since there is no Google Experience phone on the horizon.

[via engadget]