AT&T had announced some updated GoPhone plans earlier in the month and as was expected, those plans have since come available. The carrier has updated the basic/quick messaging plans, however the focus here will be on the smartphone plans — of which there is now two new options available.

The smartphone plans range in price from $25 up to $60 per month depending on the amount minutes and data you prefer to have available. The new plans are the $40 and $60 options, however all four plans break down as follows;

  • $25 — 250 minutes, unlimited messaging
  • $40 — 500 minutes, unlimited messaging, 200MB of data
  • $50 — unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging, WiFi data only
  • $60 — unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging, 2GB of data

These plans are all unlimited for text, picture and video messages for those sent within the US. There is also unlimited messaging to Mexico and Canada included, however that is only for text. Otherwise, users will also be able to add some additional data to three of those four plans. The one exception is the $50 per month plan which maintains itself as WiFi data only.

The $25 per month plan can add 50MB of data for $5, the $40 per month plan can add 100MB of data for $5 and the $60 per month plan can add 1GB for $10. Bottom line here, while it is nice to have options available, it seems the solid option would be the $60 per month plan. Of course, those lower plans could be good for those needing/wanting a mobile phone for emergency or limited use situations.

Aside from the named features, each of these plans also come with the basics. In other words, they all include goodies such as voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, nationwide long distance and three-way calling. With that in mind, AT&T has a few options for smartphones including the HTC First for $449.99 and the Samsung Galaxy Express for $249.99.