AT&T seems to have stepped things up quite a bit in terms of data allotments for Mobile Share plans. With the previous plans offering data options from 1GB up to 20GB, AT&T has since announced plans that offer up to 50GB. More specifically, the carrier has added a 30GB, 40GB and 50GB option. The one catch — they don’t come cheap. These new higher data plans are going for $300, $400 and $500 per month.

Aside from the new limits for data, the same Mobile Share rules apply. That is to say that each plan will still carry a $30 fee for each smartphone. Messaging phones will also be priced at $30 each with laptops, connect cards and netbooks coming in at $20 each and tablets and gaming devices coming in at $10 per month. Of course, those going over any of these new limits will find themselves spending a bit more for the overage, in this case, $15 per GB.

These new plans are available for consumer and business and also include unlimited voice minutes and messages. On the consumer side you will be able to add up to 10 devices per account (for any plan). The business side will vary by plan and allows for up to 10 devices for plans up to 20 GB; 15 devices for 30 GB plans; 20 devices for 40 GB plans and 25 devices for 50 GB plans.

That all being said, these plans will go into effect on March 22. In addition, AT&T will also begin offering data-only Mobile Share plans on March 22. These plans will be available for consumer and business plans ranging from 4GB to 50GB in size. These data only plans will be eligible for use with tablets, laptops and “other connected devices.”

[via AT&T]