A special offer has recently shown up on the Nexus 7 WiFi + Mobile Data product listing in the Google Play Store. The offer is available for just a limited time, and does mean a discount for those who purchase the HSPA+ capable version of the Nexus 7. Well, for those who purchase the tablet and also agree to sign a two-year commitment with AT&T.

That being said, the offer seems simple enough — buy the tablet and activate it on a postpaid standalone or Mobile Share plan and you will get a $100 bill credit. This ‘special offer’ is available at this time and will remain so through February 14, 2013. In other words, you have about a months time to make a decision here.

Otherwise, once you purchase the tablet, the activation can be done directly from the device, by visiting an AT&T store or by telephone (by calling AT&T). The decision as to how good a deal this is will have to be a personal decision, however we must remind you — the $100 will come in the form of a bill credit and not an instant discount.

In other words, you are still going to have to pay $299 at the time of purchase. And sure, if you agree to the two-year commitment you will then get several months of mobile data without having to shell out any additional money. But remember, if you avoid the contract and then later decide you don’t need (or use) the mobile data — you can always add and remove the data as needed.

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[via Google Play]


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