What good is a brand new phone without all the amazing apps that you can purchase to make your mobile experience more exciting? The folks over at AT&T are thinking the same thing and to entice their subscribers to get a new Android phone, they’re offering $50 worth of Google Play store credits to those who want to get a new phone or upgrade their current ones.

But in order to get this deal, you need to buy the phone through an installment plan on AT&T Next or sign a two-year contract with the carrier by June 17, 2014. If you’re gunning for a new Android tablet, you also need to get a two-year subscription with them. Once you’ve purchased your new device or activated your new line, they will send you the redemption code for the Google Play credits through your email within seven days.

While the code needs to be redeemed before July 31, 2014 the credits will last until May 15, 2015 so no need to go app crazy all at once. Once you’ve already activated the credits, you can buy whatever app,book, movie, or song that you want to download on your spanking new mobile device.

However, you cannot use your credits to buy other physical equipment from the Google Play store. So if you were planning to get another device using the $50 coupon, come up with another option. Some of the Android phones that you can buy to get the deal are the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8 or the newly-launched ASUS Padfone X. If you’re looking for a tablet, some of your options are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.