AT&T is finally rolling out a firmware update to last year’s mini Samsung flagship. With the update from Android 4.2. to Android 4.4, the Galaxy S4 mini is joining its brethren from carriers like Verizon and US Cellular who have been enjoying the benefits of KitKat since June.

One would think that AT&T would give the Galaxy S4 mini some preferential love. After all, the device was the first smartphone advertised to be compatible with the carrier’s new VoLTE service. Then again, it might exactly be because of it that the GS4 mini’s update has been delayed, considering AT&T might have had to perform additional tests so that its service, not to mention bloatware, would still work in a KitKat world.

Whatever the reason may have been, the update is now ready for the taking. AT&T hasn’t revealed any changelog for this release but we can guess some of those items, at least from the Android side. Since it is skipping over one major version, we are most likely to see combined changes from both Android 4.3 and Android 4.4, at least up to 4.4.2 only. This would include features like cloud printing and mobile payment as well as a redesigned status bar. Although OEMs have been known to backport fixes in more advanced versions, it might be unlikely that security fixes pushed in 4.4.4 are present here.

So far there has been no wild rejoicing yet from AT&T Galaxy S4 mini owners, but that’s probably because the update hasn’t completely rolled out yet. You can, of course, check for the update on your own. Do note that WiFi and at least 50 percent battery charge will be required. Considering the rather hefty nature of this update, it is also a good idea to backup your device before starting the process.

VIA: Android Police