It’s been a long time coming, but today AT&T’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket finally got the official Ice Cream Sandwich update users have been waiting for. This official update comes quite some time after a leaked build of Ice Cream Sandwich started making the rounds in March, so we’re sure many will be happy to get their hands on the finished build at last.

The official update is being rolled out over Kies, so all you need to do (provided you’re a non-rooted user) is look for build i727UCLF6 and download the update. Rooted users, naturally, should wait for the pre-rooted release of Ice Cream Sandwich to arrive before updating.

The main difference between this official build and the one we saw back in March is that it will update the Galaxy S II Skyrocket to Android 4.0.4 instead of Android 4.0.3. Otherwise, the updates should be mostly the same, so if you were using March’s leaked build, the transition to this new update should be quite painless.

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[via Android Police]