Well we may have several potential names for American versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II, but are lacking release time frames of any kind. Seeing as how this is one of, if not the sexiest phone out there for now this is a bit sad for those of us state-side. Samsung Singapore, of all places, has let us know that the GSII is in the works for America with an accessory picture.

The image above appeared on Samsung Mobile Singapore’s facebook page a few days ago. The image is for a desktop dock for the Galaxy S II. A cool accessory to be sure, but more importantly, this version of the GSII has an at&t logo just beneath the speaker.

International users have been enjoying the Galaxy S II for a while now, while we’re still eagerly awaiting an official announcement of the phone in the U.S. still. Hopefully this means the announcement is coming soon. Of note in the image above is that, like with the original Galaxy S, Samsung appears to be replacing its more iPhone looking hardware button scheme with the standard 4 capacitive buttons common to Android phones. This means that while we won’t get the physical home key like the original, we don’t lose the search key.