We have seen a few GALAXY S 4 related FCC filings since the official announcement back on March 14. The first of the filings arrived shortly after the announcement and the others followed more recently. Past filings aside though, it looks like we now have the one that AT&T users will be happy to see. The filing is for the Samsung SGH-i337 and based on the details included, this looks to be the AT&T branded GALAXY S 4.

On that note, this particular FCC filing shows support for LTE on band 17. And yes, that is the one you will need for AT&T. The filing also shows the standard label and the sketch of the handset detailing the label location. The nice part about this, the sketch that details the label location shows a device that lines up rather nicely with the GALAXY S 4.

And if there was any additional doubt as to the SGH-i337 being the GALAXY S 4, a previous UAProf report showed a handset with the same model number. That UAProf report also had the handset as having a 1920 x 1080 display. Basically, things appear to be lining up nicely for the upcoming launch of the GALAXY S 4 with AT&T.

For those who may have missed the earlier details, AT&T had announced that GALAXY S 4 pre-orders would be available beginning on April 16. The price of the handset will be $249.99. More to the point for today though, we have recently seen AT&T announce the pricing, pre-order and availability date for the HTC One. In other words, those looking for a new handset with AT&T now have a decision to make.

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